Organizing your kids clutter and inspiring them to clean 

It’s evening. You just finished making dinner for the family and completed a round of tidying before closing out the night (per usual). As you’re walking over to do some laundry... BOOM, you stepped on a Lego. It, painfully, pierces your foot, and the sensation starts traveling up your leg. You limp over to the playroom and realize it’s like a tornado flew through the room, then mildly yelp at your children, “Please pick up your toys!”   

Keeping your kids’ clutter to a minimum seems complicated but not impossible. When it comes to practical organization, become mindful about the things that sit on shelves for months and years at a time. An example of purging is using the KonMari method by Marie Kondo – getting rid of physical items that don’t bring joy into your life. Don’t ever feel pressured to do it alone either! Have your little ones’ join in on spring cleaning, while making it fun for them, with Marie’s Top 4 Tips for Tidying With Kids and Scholastic’s 5 Ways to Develop Your Child’s Organizational Skills to help you on your decluttering journey! 

After you declutter and toss anything that doesn’t spark joy, it’s time to find the best storage system for your space. Choosing between hanging storage, bins, drawers, baskets, or shelves can be pretty overwhelming. Luckily, Samantha Grindell with 12 Easy Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys That Will Inspire You to Clean and Juliana LaBianca on Easy Toy Storage Ideas and Tips That Will Get Kids Super Organized have practical solutions for the craziness of your kids’ toys!