After watching the Llama Llama’s Birthday episode on Netflix, we, at Baby Genius, decided to throw our own Llama Llama-themed party?! What little one wouldn’t love to have birthday party wearing their own favorite pajamas.

Let’s start with the décor! Prime Party has just come out with Llama Llama standees, banners and table settings. They are so cute!

Imagine the kids taking their pictures with their adorable littles faces in the Llama Llama cutout

You can set up your table with llama plates, cups and even Llama Llama himself!

The food! Since it’s a pajama party, stick with breakfast foods. Small boxes of cereal with milk, fruit plate, mini donuts and croissants. The parents will thank you for not making them eat pizza at one more party!

When it’s all done, send the kids home with Llama Llama Birthday Party sticker book and a ccopy of their picture!

Now get your Llama Llama birthday party planned! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!