Remember when you were a kid and summer was all about the lemonade, running around outdoors and just enjoying being a kid? Now, summer is about the iPads and tablets.  It’s time to bring back the fun of summer that we remember. Turn off your tablets and phones! Here are our favorite 5 outdoor summer activities.


Grab that sidewalk chalk and draw your hopscotch grid. Don’t forget to grab a rock. Hopscotch teaches balance skills and provides great exercise. If it’s a rainy summer day, you can use an indoor hopscotch mats! The best part of hopscotch is that you don’t need a lot of people to have a great time.   

Hula Hoop

How long can you twirl that hoop on your hips? Have you tried it on your feet? The hula hoop was made popular in the 1950s and kids today are still enjoying it. Turn on some music and make it a hula hoop dance party.

Not feeling the dance party? Use it as a basketball hoop and see how many shots you can get through the hoop.

Jump Rope

Who remembers double dutch? It was so much fun to jump with your friends while singing Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear. It’s time to teach your kids how much jump roping can be. If you don’t have a long rope for double dutch, you can have single jumping challenges and each take turns!


If there’s a big summer storm, here’s a fun game to play indoors. Tell the first person a phrase or sentence then each person has to tell the other what they heard. When you get to the end of the group, let’s see how close it is to the original phrase.

Freeze Dance

Who doesn’t love to just dance it out?! Take your dance party to the next level. Play your favorite Baby Genius songs, but when the music stops you better be frozen! The person who moves first, is out!